Our hand crafted scratchings are made in small batches by a team of cooks with years experience of making sure our scratchings have the perfect crunch and the rich flavour that other snacks just can’t deliver.

We only use the finest shank rind, stick to time-honoured cooking methods and then sprinkle on our traditional seasoning to create a uniquely British delicacy.

We pride ourselves on making the best pork scratchings and test each and every hand cooked batch:


To achieve a lovely rich golden hue​


We snap the scratchings in half by hand, and listen out for the tell-tale crunchy snap!​


Aroma plays key role in oil freshness testing​


Seeking the all important crunch of the crispy rind and then the creamy soft fat layer​


Of course! We’ve been making scratchings for years, so we’ve been loving the taste for years too!​